Independence Partner

*With small blows you also fell big trees*

This quote from Benjamin Franklin reflected well what we do.

We introduce ourselves: The first incubator of this kind in the world.


⮕ Our Visionary 

Cem Kolcu, CEO & Founder

Our chief visionary is a true innovator who constantly encourages us to act creatively and boldly. He has an extraordinary ability to unlock our creative potential and encourage us to think outside the box.

  • Global partner in multiple launchpads
  • Investments in Unternehmen, Dubai, Thailand und Philippinen

⮕ Our Conductor

Claudio Stauffacher, CEO & Co Founder

Our conductor, through Claudio's vision and his innovative spirit, he not only inspires us as a team, but also the company and thereby leads us on the path to success. 

  •  Partner in several Launchpads
  •  Founder of 2 crypto companies in Switzerland and   Dubai

⮕ Our Backup

Gökhan Calistan, Consultant

Our backup is always there for us with its reliable and proactive way of working.

  • Webdesign spezialist