About us

About Independence Partner 

IIndependence Partner is a unique community for the implementation of economic projects. Creative people can present their ideas here, and every community member can support the project financially at their own discretion. Investors automatically gain ownership in the company and receive a lifetime monthly income through    their shares. Independence Partner offers a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds and financial means to actively participate in promising projects and benefit from them.

Why Independence Partner and not an equity fund or directly shares of a company?

Investments in equity funds often yield only modest returns, while direct investments in individual stocks involve significant risks, as recent examples show. In contrast, we reward the trust of the community by giving up to 20 percent of the company shares to members. This enables automated and regular profit sharing, allowing you to benefit flexibly from your income.

What is behind Independence Partner ?

Cem, Claudio , Javier , Yavuz  and Gökhan Caliskan are long-time friends and successful business partners. Together they have supported numerous projects and helped people implement their ideas and make money. Inspired by crypto launchpads and the TV show “The Lions’ Den,” they wanted to create a central place where people of different income levels could come together and implement projects together. Their goal was to break the vicious circle of "the rich get richer, the poor get poorer."

To implement their idea, they brought experienced IT experts into the team: Yavuz and Javier. Yavuz and Cem have known each other since their school days and create a familiar atmosphere in the team. Yavuz and Javier have worked together for over 15 years and have supported globally renowned companies. Eventually Gökhan joined and contributed his ideas and web design skills.

The team is proud of its successes, achieved in a friendly environment. They don't promise overnight millionaire stories, but they do promise high returns and participation in company growth. Projects will offer returns of 300 to 1500 percent per year - safe and profitable.

Why we need you ?   

Our intention is to expand the community and rely on conviction, evidence and recommendations. The growth of our community enables us to implement large-scale projects. Here are reasons why we need you: diversity of perspectives, networks and contacts, recommendations, expertise and skills, and collective strength. Long-term partnerships are our goal to create a sustainable and successful community. Your participation is crucial. We invite you to become part of our community and work with us to shape a future in which everyone benefits from the opportunities and success.